Fall Overturn Likely Coming Soon:


Central Arkansas Water lakes Maumelle and Winona are approaching its annual seasonal “overturn” which some refer to as natural mixing of layers within the lakes.

“Each year, when we have the change to cooler outdoor temperatures along with additional weather conditions such as high winds and/or a drop in the barometric pressure, stratified temperatures at various levels within Lake Maumelle and Lake Winona, water sources for CAW customers, naturally respond to these changes,” explains Blake Weindorf, P.E., Chief Operating Officer. “It’s most important for our customers to know CAW continually monitors weather conditions and water quality to ensure the high-quality, safe drinking water we strive to provide daily.”

Lake Maumelle and Lake Winona stratify each summer. Lake stratification means a warm layer of water forms on the top of the lakes due to the high seasonal temperatures while a much cooler layer is at the bottom of the lakes. As the fall season’s temperatures cause the top layer to cool, the upper and lower layers overturn or mix together, Weindorf further explains.

The lake temperature overturn is a natural process that happens every year. It is not unique to our water system or our region of the United States. It is unique to this season of the year. Also, another interesting and unique fact about Lake Maumelle is due to its shallow depth with east to west orientation we can also notice lake mixing with strong wind events throughout the year like we had this past summer. We are extremely fortunate to have highly-skilled operations staff that are focused on adjusting our treatment processes as needed to ensure our consumers receive the best possible water and service experience, ” Weindorf says.

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