Customers may experience discolored water due to preparation to switch to the new I-30 bridge water main


LITTLE ROCK – Central Arkansas Water customers, especially in the downtown areas of Little Rock and North Little Rock, may notice discolored water over the next few days due to preparation to place into service a new water transmission main installed on the newly constructed Interstate 30 bridge crossing the Arkansas River.

The old 24” inch water main, located on the old I-30 bridge span, will be shut down and the new water main across the new section of the bridge will be placed into service immediately thereafter. The shutdown of the old water main may increase water velocity in the water mains across the Main Street and Broadway Bridges, which can lead to minor discoloration.

Anytime large valves are operated or water flow within transmission mains changes, there is the potential for discolored water. This is due to “scouring,” where the velocity of the water scours the inside of the water pipes, which may increase levels of iron or manganese. Both naturally occurring minerals can cause the water to take on a brownish tint. The water is safe, and the discoloration can usually be cleared up by running your faucet for a few minutes. It is recommended that you do not wash clothes in discolored water.

CAW staff has and will continue to take whatever steps possible to reduce any potential impact and ensure water quality is monitored throughout the transfer.

Customers with questions may contact the CAW Distribution Dispatch Center, day or night at (501) 377.1239.