CAW Rescinds Water Conservation Request With No Water Shutoffs or Boil Notices


PULASKI CO, AR – Central Arkansas Water rescinded its water conservation request Tuesday after its system improved over the past few days. CAW’s system recuperated without shutting off water service due to supply or issuing a boil water notice for any of the 500,000 consumers it serves.

To maintain the strength of the system and ensure pressure never dropped below the minimum level required for safe water, CAW asked its customers to conserve water starting Friday, Feb. 19. CAW customers complied, all while more than 150 CAW employees searched for and repaired leaks throughout the system, working 24/7 over the weekend.

In addition to residential customers in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, and Maumelle, CAW also supplies water to numerous communities in the region as a wholesale provider, including Bryant, Sardis, Salem, Shannon Hills, Cabot and Jacksonville. None of the communities served by CAW were required to shut off the water supply or issue boil notices, even though many of their neighboring communities were required to do so.

CAW produced record amounts of drinking water throughout this weather event, with a peak production rate of more than 121 million gallons a day produced at the Jack Wilson Water Treatment Plant on Friday. This level of production made it clear there were multiple weather-related breaks and leaks in the system. It also ensured tanks remained at safe levels to maintain pressure throughout the system and keep the supply of water flowing to more 500,000 people.

Distribution crews repaired dozens of leaks throughout the storm. While there were no major large-diameter pipe breaks, there were multiple small-diameter pipe breaks throughout the CAW service area, including on customer lines. Many of these were on fire-suppression systems in commercial businesses. CAW appreciates the teamwork and cooperation from residential customers, commercial customers, and various municipal agencies in locating main breaks and conserving water. City police and fire employees helped CAW crews find leaks, cleared roads when crews were fixing breaks, and were outstanding team players.

CAW will continue to search out and repair any remaining water leaks in the system and will continue monitoring the system to ensure services to our customers.

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