As of 5 pm March 31 until regular business hours on April 5, 2021, CAW’s Customer Service Drive-Thru, website and telephone payment services will be unavailable due to training and operations maintenance.

Sanitation Rates

Central Arkansas Water

Monthly Solid Waste (Garbage) Collection Rates

City of Little Rock Sanitation Department
(reference Little Rock Ordinance #21,780)

(Inside City)

Residential – $28.90 per household

Commercial – $38.90 minimum, up to 4 cubic yards
$10.00 for each additional cubic yard

Residential and Commercial –
$10.00 per additional solid waste receptacle
$50.00 Recycling Cart Contamination Fee

Pulaski County Solid Waste

(Outside City)

Residential – $25.02 per household
$8.00 per additional solid waste or recycling receptacle

City of Sherwood

Residential – $17.00 per household

Commercial – $17.00

City of Cammack Village

Residential – $26.00 per household

Commercial – $26.00