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The Human Resources Department is committed to ensuring that Central Arkansas Water’s recruitment programs, policies, procedures, compensation and employee benefits programs attract and retain exceptional employees throughout the organization, in ongoing support of Central Arkansas Water’s commitment to exceptional water quality and customer service, fiscal responsibility, resource stewardship and sustainability, and legal and ethical accountability.

We strive to provide the utility with a well-qualified, representative, and dedicated work force through our recruitment efforts and utility programs. Our Human Resources staff is dedicated to providing the 280 employees of Central Arkansas Water with outstanding service, support, information and assistance regarding the utility’s policies, benefits, programs, and any other areas of concern.

We are committed to ensuring Central Arkansas Water’s fair and equitable treatment of all, in accordance with legal and professional standards.

Department Overview

Human Resources is responsible for coordinating the recruitment and hiring of Central Arkansas Water (CAW) employees. The Human Resources Department also develops and administers the following programs for CAW: employee benefits, compensation, Employee Handbook and employment policies, employee training and development, performance evaluations, job descriptions, employee relations, diversity and inclusion initiatives and the drug-and alcohol-free workplace program.
The team members of the Human Resources Department are dedicated to providing quality, professional services for the public, customers, and employees of CAW and to meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers and employees with diligence and integrity. Human Resources is dedicated to ensuring that CAW maintains a representative, efficient work force, at a competitive cost, with the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals.

Contact Information

Human Resources is located at the James T. Harvey Administration Building in downtown Little Rock –
221 E. Capitol Avenue
P. O. Box 1789
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

Human Resources can also be reached at:

Phone: 501-377-1251 or 501-377-1293
Fax: 501-377-7051
24 Hour Job Line: 501-377-1335

Our Human Resources Team

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