Accomplishments to Date

  • Watershed Risk Mitigation PlanPulaski County Government adopted a Subdivision Ordinance in April of 2009 – addresses wastewater (no surface discharge is allowed) and sets limits for storm water pollutant loads from development
  • Change to Regulation 6 of the Arkansas Pollution Control & Ecology Commission was unanimously passed in May 2010 – prohibits the surface discharge of wastewater throughout the Lake Maumelle Basin
  • Pulaski County Government adopted a comprehensive Stormwater Control Manual – including state-of-the-art best management practices (BMPs) for that portion of Pulaski County within the Lake Maumelle Watershed. A Site Evaluation Tool (SET) was also adopted along with the manual – June 2010
  • Fulfillment of 1500 acre Land Acquisition – Currently ~ 1,781 acres added
  • Watershed Risk Mitigation Plan is in place – Chemical spill or pipeline failure and what could be done to preclude them and how to react in the event of one occurring
  • Aerial Photographic Imagery added – Aerial photographs are obtained about every two to three years to assess land use changes
  • Land Cover Database – Created using the 2009 aerial photos to serve as a base line to assess land use changes in the watershed as development or other land uses occur
  • Water Quality Monitoring – Increased water quality monitoring from quarterly to monthly, added two additional monitoring sites, a tributary site, and two real-time monitoring sites, at Big Maumelle River at Wye and Lake Maumelle at Hwy 10 Bridge
  • Unpaved Road Assessment – Using the Land Cover Database and GIS tools, catalog roads that may have the most potential for erosion
  • Controlled Burns – to reduce woody debris

For more information related to Pulaski County Government Regulations and Ordinances in the Lake Maumelle Watershed, click here.