Current Open Bids

1.  Request for Qualifications

RFQ 19-08_Engineering Services Solar Electricity Generation Facilities

Addendum One – RFQ 19-08

Questions and Answers – RFQ 19-08

Additional Information RFQ 19-08 – Investment Grade Audit

RFQ 19-21_Commercial Real Estate Broker 

2. Annual Statement of Qualifications

ASQ 19-22_Legal Counsel Services 

Addendum One – ASQ 19-22

3. Request for Proposals

RFP 19-13_Electricity from Green Power Generation Source

*CAW Telemetry Map
*This map lists CAW Telemetry sites with addresses for all CAW facilities.  Note:  Pump Stations and Tank are often located at a common address.

Questions and Answers – RFP 19-13

RFP 19-20 Record-keeper for Defined Contribution Plans

Addendum Three_RFP 19-20

3.  Invitation to Bid

ITB 19-26_1.5 Ton Chassis Cab Diesel Truck

Official Price Sheet – ITB 19-26

4.  Request for Information