North Little Rock Sewer Rates

North Little Rock Waste Water Utility

 Effective February 1, 2020

Amount after the minimum is used:

Sewer Charge
Special Calculations
North Little Rock
$5.64 per 1 CCF (hundred cubic feet); 4 CCF min ($18.05)
Average Winter Consumption
Runyan Acres
$36.00 Flat Rate
Gravel Ridge
$3.64 per 1 CCF (hundred cubic feet); 4 CCF min ($15.43)
Average Winter Consumption
$5.64 per 1 CCF (hundred cubic feet); 4 CCF min ($18.05)
Average Winter Consumption

For residential customers (defined as single family residences or multi-metered, multi-family residences or apartments all of which utilize meters less than one inch) only, the sewer charge each month will be based on the average monthly consumption for the months October, November, December, January, February, and March – Average Winter Consumption (AWC). The actual water consumption for the months is averaged and rounded up to the next whole number. In the case of residential customers which were not on a meter during the previous AWC period, the sewer rate shall be computed on actual water usage until such time as an AWC can be calculated. The AWC is recalculated every year.  In the case of other users not on a metered basis, the city of North Little Rock shall establish water consumption based on a comparison of the non-metered users with a metered user of a similar class.