Obtaining Service in Maumelle

Deposit requirement for service

CAW requires a security deposit for service initiation.  The deposit amount depends on the type of service (residential, sprinkler, commercial, or industrial).  Deposit amounts may be determined by visiting the Maumelle Rates webpage.  Customers with an existing MWM account will not be required to pay a security deposit unless the account is closed and reopened.

The following services will be available prior to Friday, July 21, 2017.  Following July 21, please contact 501.372.5161 or visit our downtown Little Rock office at 221 East Capitol Avenue, Little Rock 72202.  

New Service

To establish water service at a location that previously has not had service (does not have a water meter in place), contact the CAW Maumelle Office at 501.851.3070.  The length of time required to obtain a new water service varies according to the time of year and which permits are involved.  In addition, due to differing lengths of time necessary required for installations and repairs, CAW cannot schedule timed appointments.

Turning on Service at an Existing Location

In order to obtain service where facilities already are in place (an existing meter is in place), contact our CAW Maumelle Office at 501.851.3070 to arrange a turn-on.  Utility personnel will turn on the water meter only if an occupant of the structure is on site or has left written authorization for the service initiation.  This policy is to avoid water damage in case an inside faucet has been left open.

Our standard business hours for turning on meters are between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For office hours at other CAW locations, click here.  Please note that same day service requests as well as requests for service before or after these times may result in additional service charges (service charges may be found here).

After paying the required deposit, a customer needing immediate service may choose to turn on the meter with a crescent wrench.  However, resulting damage to CAW or the customer’s facilities will be the customer’s responsibility.  A customer also has the option of arranging for CAW personnel to turn on the meter.  However, multiple trips by CAW personnel may result in additional service charges of $20 per trip or more depending on the time of day and/or if same day service is requested.

For water meter turn-on/turn-off instructions, click here for a description.

Transferring Service

If you are moving from one service location to another location within the former MWM service area, the utility will transfer the deposit to the new service location.  To assist with the move, we also may provide, upon request, service simultaneously at both locations for two weeks.  The utility does not allow the transfer of a deposit from one customer to another customer.

Ending Service

If you wish to discontinue service, please, call the CAW Maumelle Office at 501.851.3070 and arrange the date of service termination.  If you have a deposit on file, we will apply the deposit toward the final bill.  If there is a credit balance from the deposit, we will forward the amount to you.  If there is an account balance remaining, we will bill you.