Maumelle Bill Information

You will receive a monthly billing statement for water and wastewater services from Central Arkansas Water (CAW) under the name of Utility Billing Services (UBS).

The term, “month,” for billing purposes refers to the time period between two consecutive meter readings by CAW. As closely as practicable, the utility will conduct meter readings every 30 days.

Failure to receive a billing statement does not exempt a customer from the payment of the bill. Your bill will arrive close to the same date each month. It may vary two to three days. Also, you should receive your first billing statement no later than 45 days after the start of service. If you do not receive a bill after 45 days, please notify CAW Customer Service at 501.372.5161.

When CAW is unable to read a meter after a reasonable effort, we will bill the customer on an estimated consumption based on the best available information.   Please keep the area of the water meter free of obstructions like trash and trash receptacles, yard debris, shrubbery, vehicles, etc.