The Engineering Department is committed to providing Central Arkansas Water (CAW) customers with the best water service possible at a fair price through the careful engineering, development, review, and management of all treatment, pumping, storage, and distribution improvements and the approval of residential, commercial, and industrial requests for services.  The department also maintains vigilance within the service area to protect the public potable water supply from the possibility of contamination or pollution from backflow or cross-connection into the system.

The Engineering Department consists of four sections: Standard Specifications and Drawings, Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP),  New Service, and Planning & Regionalism.

Engineering Staff:

Jim Ferguson, P.E. Director of Engineering 501.377.1298
Connie Horn  Engineering Admin. Ass’t. 501.377.1297
Jonathan Long, P.E. Senior Engineer 501.377.1224
Thomas Wray, P.E. Senior Engineer 501.377.1221
Joe O’Hara, P.E. Senior Engineer 501.377.1338
Dale Kimbrow Manager of Planning & Regionalism 501.377.1282