Debt-Service Charges

Effective September 2009

CAW manages billing and collecting for other water and sewer districts that have debt-service charges in effect. For more information about current debt-service charges, please refer to the areas listed below:

City Debt-Service Charge
Rixey Residential $8.50
Rixey Commercial $19.00
Brushy Island Click Here for Rates Per Meter Size
Salem Water Users Association  $42.50
Wye Mountain $32.00
Frazier Pike $28.15
Woodland Ridge $11.00
Eureka Gardens $21.60
Paron-Owensville Water Authority Click Here for Rates Per Meter Size

The debt-service surcharges will appear as recurring monthly charges on the billing statements of customers within the respective districts. CAW collects the debt-service surcharges as pass-through fees and remits revenues to the respective water and sewer districts. For general information, you may contact:

CAW’s New Service Section 

•  (501)377.1202
•  (501) 377.1203
•  (501) 377.1222