Obtaining Water Service

Turning On

To obtain service where facilities are already in place, contact or visit Customer Service to arrange turn ons and installation of meters. An activation fee of $20 will appear on your first month’s bill.  Water will be turned on only when someone is present or if a note in file has been left authorizing the turn on of the meter. Meters are set and/or turned on between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Due to differing lengths of repairs and installations, CAW cannot schedule timed appointments.
After an account has been established, customers needing service immediately may choose to turn the meter on themselves with a crescent wrench. However, any damage that might occur will be the customer’s responsibility.


Beginning Service

New customers must pay a security deposit equal to approximately a two-month average bill. Absent a poor credit history, the deposit could be included on the first month’s bill.  Deposits are refunded to residential customers who have 12 consecutive months of on-time payments.

If moving from one service location to another within our service area, the deposit can be transferred to the new service location.  To assist with the move, CAW may provide service simultaneously at both locations for up to two weeks.  A deposit shall be made by the new customer moving in at the old service location.  Deposits can be transferred from one customer to another by filling out appropriate paper work.

Ending Service

When service is discontinued, the customer may choose to have the deposit refunded after paying the account in full, or apply the deposit to the final bill, which will indicate a balance due or a refund. Deposits will be refunded to residential customers who have 12 consecutive months of on-time payments.

Bills for service will be rendered monthly (refer to water bill information). The term month for billing purposes will mean the period between any two consecutive readings of the meters by CAW.  Such readings are to be taken as nearly as practicable every 30 days.

Failure to receive bills in no way exempts customers from payment of bills.

When CAW is unable to read a meter after a reasonable effort, the customer will be billed on an estimated consumption, based on the best available information.

Discontinuance of Service

When it becomes necessary to cut off water service for non-payment of bills, CAW shall have the right  to charge a fee for restoring water service.

New Service

To establish water service at a location that has not had service previously, contact the New Service Section at Central Arkansas Water (CAW).   The length of time required to get a new construction service varies according to the time of year and which permits are involved.