Annual Report 2014

The 2014 Annual Report theme is Proudly Standing Behind Our Results and highlights major initiatives and accomplishments in the areas of watershed protection, water treatment and quality, maintenance, customer service, and satisfaction for the year ending December 31, 2014. This report also features utility project updates from management and staff, along with guest appearances from people within the community.

2014 Annual Report


Raven Lawson, Watershed Protection Manager for Central Arkansas Water, shares information about CAW’s 2014 Watershed Protection Efforts, tornado damage restoration, and watershed management activities for improved water quality in Central Arkansas.


Ronnie Bankston, Treatment Plant Supervisor and Jane Hurley, Assistant Director of Water Quality and Operations discuss recent CAW Treatment Plant, laboratory, and monitoring upgrades.

Engineering and Distribution

Blake Weindorf, Senior Engineer, explains new pipeline maintenance and replacement technology CAW uses to help maintain reliable water service for our customers.

Customer Service

Sheronda Shells, Customer Service Assistant Supervisor, discusses newly released CAW billing, account management, and payment options.


Consumers and CAW employees share thoughts about the quality of water in Central Arkansas.

2014 Financial Report

Click here to view our 2013-2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report