CAW Warns of Scam Calls

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Central Arkansas Water has been made aware of customers getting fraudulent calls from a number that appears to be CAW asking them to pay money.

The Arkansas Attorney General’s Office sent out an alert about similar spam calls earlier this summer.

The scam involves Caller ID spoofing making it appear that Central Arkansas Water’s phone number is calling the customer. The scammer then claims the customer must pay an amount immediately over the phone to avoid service disruption.

If a call sounds suspicious, a customer should hang up and initiate a call to CAW directly at 501-372-5161. To avoid scams, customers are also advised to pull up their online account to view their balance due.

  • The safest way to pay is through the CAW online account portal.
  • Other safe payment methods include dropping off payment in person to CAW’s drop box or at our drive-thru window at our downtown Little Rock office located at 221 E. Capitol Ave.
  • Customers can also mail payments or pay bills at one of our Quick Pay partner locations. A list of payment options is available at:

CAW will never tell a customer they must pay immediately over the phone or ask for their credit card number. CAW prefers customers set up automatic recurring payment by establishing an account at or by utilizing our online, text, or automatic phone payment options.

If a customer believes they are a victim of a scam, they should notify proper authorities, such as the local police or state attorney general’s office.

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