New Ancillary Rates – Effective April 1, 2020

On April 1, new ancillary rates will go into effect for nonrecurring charges for account services.  The following chart represents the upcoming new rates. 

Ancillary Charges – Effective April 1, 2020

Nonrecurring Customer Charges
Service Charge$20.00
Collection Visit$25.00
Non-Pay Turn-on, Next Business Day$40.00
Bad Check Charge$25.00
No Contract$55.00
No Contract – Restore Service$75.00
Straight Connection$80.00
Plugged SVC/Couplings$140.00
ETO (After Hours Service)$80.00
Reroute – Same Day Turn-on$40.00
Lock – Broken or Missing$115.00
Stolen Meter$80.00
Covered Meter Charge$40.00
Contracted Maintenance of Private Fire Hydrant (per year)$30.00
Failure to submit monthly construction meter readings
(1st occurrence)
Failure to submit monthly construction meter readings
(Per 30-days following 1st occurrence)

For a list of current rates, click here.