Conditional Use Permit at Jack H. Wilson Treatment Facility

See this sign?

It will soon be placed in front of Central Arkansas Water’s Wilson Treatment Plant on Pleasant Valley Drive. While the sign itself is not very exciting, the reason it is there certainly is.

Central Arkansas Water has applied for a Conditional Use Permit to add solar panels to our Wilson facility.

CAW produces an average of 65 Million Gallons of drinking water each day, mostly at the Wilson Plant, and there are significant power requirements and costs to produce that water. By adding solar panels to the facility, some of those power costs can be offset. This allows CAW to produce water at a lower cost, saving ratepayer dollars that can be re-allocated into other important CAW projects, including replacement of aging pipes within our system. It also greatly reduces our carbon footprint, and aligns CAW with Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola’s and the Little Rock Sustainability Commission’s goals for our area to become more eco-friendly.

According to the most recent Memphis Light, Gas and Water survey, Central Arkansas Water is some of the least expensive water in the United States, ranking third-lowest among large cities. It is also some of the highest quality water in the country, thanks to our efforts to protect our two pristine water sources – Lake Maumelle and Lake Winona, and our treatment and testing processes. Adding these panels is just another step in our continued efforts to provide you with safe, high-quality, low-cost, abundant and dependable water every day!