Maumelle Residents Scheduled to Transition into CAW Water Sources Beginning January 9, 2018

MAUMELLE – We are pleased to update beginning the week of January 9, 2018, Central Arkansas Water will begin flowing water from our sources, Lake Maumelle and Lake Winona, into neighborhoods within the Maumelle area.  This process will occur in phases which are identified by area zones 1 – 5 (to find your general location, please refer to the map below).  During the transition process, the increased flow of water through the distribution line may result in temporary discoloration at your tap.  The discoloration is a naturally occurring part of the process and is safe for consumption; however, DO NOT WASH clothing in the discolored water. Check for discolored water in your washing machine before washing clothes.

The transition will occur as follows:

• Zone 1 (Map Colors – Dark Purple and Brown: The area of Maumelle roughly bounded by Lucia Lane and Fitzgerald Lane on the east, Vienne Place and Calais Drive on the north, Nemours Court on the east, and Orleans Drive and Commerce Cove on the south.

• Zone 2 (Map Color – Light Purple): The area of Maumelle including Yazoo Circle on the east, Trevino Drive and Arnold Palmer Drive on the north, Nicklaus Drive and the Arkansas River on the east, and Norfork Drive to the south.

• Zone 3 (Map Color – Blue): The area of Maumelle bounded by Champs Boulevard and Victory Lane on the east, Sharkey Drive and Oneal Lane on the north, Edgewood Drive and Millwood Circle on the west, and Club Manor Drive on the south.

• Zone 4 (Map Color – Green): The area of Maumelle roughly bounded by Prince Drive on the east, Tracks Road and Park Ridge Drive on the north, Lake Valley Drive on the west, and Naylor Drive on the south.

• Zone 5 (Map Color – White): The area of Maumelle near the Arkansas River and Oneida Way on the west, Ozark Drive on the north, Hibiscus Drive on the east, and Par Drive on the south.

Residents with questions may call 501-372-5161 or send an email to

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