Water Quality Update_Natural Lake Turnover Season

LITTLE ROCK — Around this time every year, some Central Arkansas Water customers may notice an earthy taste and smell in their drinking water due to the mixing of warm and cool water layers within lakes Lake Maumelle and Lake Winona commonly referred to as the lakes “turning over”.  The seasonal taste and odor may be noticeable to some customers while unnoticeable to other customers.

During the summer, CAW lakes stratify when a warm layer of water forms on the top of the lakes due to the high temperatures while a much cooler layer is at the bottom of the lakes.  As the fall season’s temperatures cause the top layer to cool, the upper and lower layers turnover or mix together.  When this natural process occurs it can cause subtle changes in taste and, at times, short durations of discolored water, created by increased manganese levels in the water due to the mixing.

CAW  continuously monitors water quality and treatment processes during this season; therefore, would like to ensure customers are aware their drinking water remains safe to drink and remains in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Customers with questions about this process may call 223.1574.

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