Terry Bice, CAW Director of Distribution, Recognized as Water Manager of the Year

HOT SPRINGS, AR – Terry Bice, Central Arkansas Water’s (CAW) Director of Distribution, was honored as the recipient of the Water Manager of the Year Award from the Arkansas Water Works and Water Environment Association (AWW&WEA) on May 2, 2017 during the Water Awards Luncheon in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The award is in recognition of Bice’s exemplary leadership over CAW’s Distribution Department and outstanding project management skills. Bice’s career with CAW spans a period of nearly thirty years, beginning in 1987 with his employment as a Distribution Foreman. Bice was promoted to Director of Distribution in 2015 and is responsible for oversight of 144 staff; management of $18.5 million dollars in Operating and Capital Expenses; and maintaining nearly 2,500 miles of pipe which provides water for close to 450,000 consumers. Tad Bohannon, CAW’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Terry regularly demonstrates critical attributes of a great manager by managing with integrity, communicating clear direction to his team, and connecting with people through understanding and humility, all while accomplishing necessities for the utility.” The AWW&WEA is dedicated to education and training, the advancement of research, and the licensing of water and wastewater operators within the state of Arkansas.

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Pictured from left to right: Tad Bohannon, Chief Executive Officer, Terry Bice, Director of Distribution, Robert Hart, Technical Services Officer, Blake Weindorf, Assistant Director of Distribution


Pictured from left to right: Terry Bice, Director of Distribution, Kevin Hall, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, 2017 AWW&WEA Conference Chair