2014 Water Quality Report – Now Available

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Central Arkansas Water (CAW) has released its 2014 Water Quality Report to its customers residing within the utility’s service area.  The report, a requirement of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), provides customers with information about the quality and sources of their drinking water.

Since 1998, the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), through its Consumer Confidence Rule, has mandated that public water suppliers provide information about the drinking water provided to their customers by July 1 of every year.  The annual report must include information on a utility’s water sources, treatment process, and the levels of potential contaminants that are found at detectable levels in the drinking water.  Potential contaminants include substances such as lead, copper, and bacteria.

The SDWA requires monitoring and treatment of drinking water to ensure the protection of public health.  Enforcement of the SDWA is the responsibility of USEPA and ADH.

CAW, the largest public water supplier in the state, serves a population of approximately 400,000 in the Central Arkansas region.  For more information, visit www.carkw.com.


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