Quick and Easy Water Pipe Insulation Tips

Favorable outdoor temperatures is the best time to insulate pipes in areas consistently exposed to weather conditions.  Pipe insulation will not only help keep pipes warm, but also help to prevent excess condensation build up and slow the freezing process.

This week local home improvement blogger Cara Hazlewood , for Live the Home Life, featured simple and inexpensive water pipe insulation tips at www.livethehomelife.com .

Items you’ll need:

1) Tubular foam insulation from your local home improvement store

2) Measuring Tape

3) Duck Tape

4) Box Cutter

Water Pipe Insulation Tools

3 Easy Steps:

1) Measure water pipes and cut foam insulation to length with a box cutter.

2) Wrap pipes.

3) Secure with duck tape.  Your pipes should look like the image below.

Water Pipe Insulation

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