CAW celebrating Fix Leak Week March 17 – 23.

Little Rock –  CAW is once again organizing a wide variety of customer assistance activities and public education events during national Fix a Leak Week, March 17-23.

Fix a Leak Week
is a national effort to remind individuals to check their plumbing fixtures for leaks.  The effort is organized by the EPA WaterSense® Program, a national program designed to educate consumers, utilities, businesses, builders, and landscaping companies on the importance of wise water use.

As part of Central Arkansas Water’s recognition of Fix a Leak Week, the utility is informing customers that finding and fixing household leaks is as easy as “check, twist, replace.”

  • Check for silent leaks in the toilet and automatic sprinkler systems for winter damage;
  • Twist faucet valves, tighten pipe connections, and secure water hoses to spigots;
  • Replace old plumbing fixtures and irrigation controllers that are wasting water with WaterSense® labeled models certified to use less water and perform well.

As part of CAW’s Fix a Leak Week celebration, the utility will provide free leak repair services to 65 qualifying low income or elderly customers throughout Little Rock and North Little Rock.  The primary focus for the repairs will be leaking toilets.  “Fixing these types of leaks can save customers up to 10,000  gallons of water a year and can add up to significant savings on their water and wastewater bills,” said John Tynan, Director of Customer Relations and Public Affairs for the utility.  To qualify for participation in the leak repair assistance program, an elderly or low income customer must own their own home and have at least a 50% increase in their last 2 utility bills.

In addition to providing free leak repairs during Fix a Leak Week, CAW will be providing promotional giveaways such as low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and toilet leak detection tablets at its billing offices in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

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