Protect water pipes from freezing temperatures to prevent costly repairs

ALERT to water customers:

Protect water pipes from temperatures in the teens and low twenties

LITTLE ROCK —  Central Arkansas has experienced record low temperatures that may cause water in household plumbing to freeze.  As temperatures are expected to fall in the low teens and twenties this week, it is important for customers to take a few simple steps to protect indoor and outdoor water pipes, Central Arkansas Water (CAW) advises.

“Leave a thin stream of water running from the cold-water tap when temperatures fall below freezing because moving water is less likely to freeze,” John Tynan, Director of Customer Relations & Public Affairs with CAW, suggests.  “Also, open cabinet doors to allow warm air in the home to reach water pipes.  Businesses, as well, can benefit from these preventive steps.”

Taking these steps can help reduce the chance of expensive plumbing repairs, water damage to the home, and interruption of service that could result from frozen water pipes.  The actions recommended by CAW are especially important for vanities, sinks, and other pipes that are against outside walls.

“Disconnect outdoor water hoses and drain the water from automatic sprinkler systems to reduce the chance of damage from freezing temperatures,” Tynan said.

Customers may obtain a list of freeze precaution tips by clicking here.

A customer who needs emergency assistance with shutting off water service because of burst or leaking plumbing should call CAW at (501) 377.1239. Utility personnel are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

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