News Archive: November 2013

The Merger of Excellence

This is the fourth installment of the history of Central Arkansas water supply systems.  In summary:  the Central Arkansas area overcame initial challenges such as lack of water resources and lack of quality water and, today, has two high-quality and well-protected raw water sources, Lake Winona and Lake Maumelle.  These … Read More »

How Water Works

Every drop of water you use or drink is about as old as the Earth itself.  The water in your home once quenched the thirst of dinosaurs. Water is recycled via the “water cycle.”  Water evaporates and becomes clouds, then precipitates and falls to the earth as rain, snow, etc.  … Read More »

Meet Naomi Brown, Customer Service Represenative

Naomi Brown is a Customer Service Representative with Central Arkansas Water. She’s responsible for providing exceptional service to customers.  This could be anything from questions regarding monthly billing statements to water utility service and payments. A Conway native, Naomi graduated from Conway Senior High School (“Go Wampus Cats!”) and then, Eastern … Read More »

Winter and Water

Because we don’t have to cool down in winter we sometimes simply forget to drink water. Your body’s basic functioning does not change in cold weather; therefore, changing your water drinking habits is not advisable. Additionally, during winter, our bodies deal with dryness, wind, low temperatures and exposure to heat … Read More »

New Water Rates Effective January 1, 2014

LITTLE ROCK — Central Arkansas Water’s (CAW) new Schedule of Water Rates will be effective for water service billed on or after January 1, 2014, for its 125,000 customers in the metropolitan area.  Customers are receiving an in-home copy of the rate schedule as a billing statement insert.  The average … Read More »