Even More History, the Third Installment

Over the past two months, we have traveled through the history leading up to the formation of Central Arkansas Water and the exceptional water quality we now enjoy in this area.  So far, we’ve been through Little Rock as a small settlement that consumed drinking water from springs and wells to Little Rock as a booming settlement taking water from the Arkansas River.  Last month, we talked about how Lake Winona came about during the Great Depression.

Now we are in the year 1947.  Lake Winona has been serving the Central Arkansas Water area for a decade, but studies are now showing the region’s fast-growing demand for water service.  Lake Maumelle was built and completed by 1958 when its water flowed into the system for the first time. Lake Maumelle was built to be much bigger than Lake Winona and encompasses 13.9 square miles.  On average, Lake Maumelle delivers approximately 67% of Central Arkansas’ water, running about 63 – 65 million gallons to the area.


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