Meet Lisa Luyet, Database Coordinator

Lisa Luyet is the Database Coordinator for Central Arkansas Water.  She helps make sure employees at the utility have the information they need to do their jobs through custom reporting and database administration and development.  There is a lot of information that all Central Arkansas Water departments need to keep track of, and Lisa helps them do it.

“The best thing about working for CAW is that I get to work with my friends and help them improve the way they do their jobs.  I also like creating new systems and figuring out ways to solve problems with programming.”

A native of North Little Rock, Lisa graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Health Science.  Lisa is also an avid runner.  In a typical week, she runs about 40 miles!  She usually runs in the mornings before work but sometimes goes out for lunch runs.  Her favorite trail is inside Two Rivers Park west of I-440.

IMG_3225 (3)

“I enjoy the 7 mile loop inside there and sometimes add on by running through the community gardens.  I also enjoy running on the forest service roads between Lake Sylvia and Lake Winona.”

An interesting fact many people do not know about Lisa:  she took tap lessons as a kid!  She’s a big fan of Gene Kelly, Hollywood star in the 1940s and 50s known for his incredible tap dancing.  If she could have lunch with anyone (no limits)…

“I would love to have lunch with him and maybe pick up a few tap steps!”