The “What?” about the Watershed

When water comes out of the faucet or the water hose, most of us don’t think about where it comes from or the amazing processes it takes to flow so clean and clear.  An integral part:  the Lake Maumelle Watershed.

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What is a watershed? 

Put simply, the Lake Maumelle watershed is the land around Lake Maumelle.  The land slopes down toward the lake so water that falls in the watershed will flow to Lake Maumelle.  Literally, the watershed…sheds water into Lake Maumelle.


What is so special about the watershed?

The cleaner the watershed…the cleaner the water!  That’s why Central Arkansas Water works so hard to protect the watershed.  If the water is already super clean when it flows from the lake into the water treatment plant, for sure it will be clean coming out of your faucet later!

What does Central Arkansas Water do to protect the Lake Maumelle watershed?

Central Arkansas Water owns 10,000 acres in the watershed and manages that land with conservation-minded approaches!  Have you seen the controlled burn notices at certain times of year?  That’s us working on the watershed to ensure our water runs clean into Lake Maumelle.


There is some human development (i.e. subdivisions) in the watershed.  We work to explore ways to limit the environmental impact that comes from these activities.  We also partner with private land owners on watershed protection.  This includes education on ways to improve the management of their properties.

 Learn more about the management of the Lake Maumelle Watershed at our website: