Are you Sprinkler Smart?

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Central Arkansas Water partners with the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture Pulaski County, to help customers save water and money by being “Sprinkler Smart.”  We all water our yards and gardens during the summer…especially Arkansas summers!  The Sprinkler Smart Program will help you find tips to save money by reducing your outdoor water consumption.  You can learn how to adjust your sprinkler system, best times to water, how much to water, what type of landscaping is best for your yard, and many other ways to help you save the environment and keep those bills in your wallet.

You can learn more on our website and from the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture at

The “Sprinkler Smart Program” is free AND will help you save water and $$$.  Get involved today!  Call 501.340.6650 for more information.  Be Sprinkler Smart this season!