News Archive: May 2013

Central Arkansas Water Solicits Feedback

Update: This survey closed on Thursday, June 20, after three weeks. Please contact John Tynan, Watershed Protection Manager at 501-377-1268 or if you have any questions. Central Arkansas Water is evaluating the renewal of leases for Jolly Rogers Marina and the Grande Maumelle Sailing Club on Lake Maumelle. As part of our commitment … Read More »

Fascinating Facts About Water

Sometimes we take water for granted. It’s always there…running from the faucet or the hose or the sprinkler. We don’t always stop to think of how precious a resource it really is and how fascinating water is! So this week we are highlighting cool facts about water! This is a … Read More »

Win a Set of Four CAW Drinking Glasses

The first 50 people to LIKE Central Arkansas Water on Facebook will be entered to win a set of four Central Arkansas Water drinking water glasses (like the two pictured below). Already a FAN?  You can share this photo on your timeline and be entered to win! Click here to like … Read More »

Water and Your Little Ones

Water is an important part of daily life, but did you know that kids, especially, need clean drinking water to stay healthy?  It’s important to teach our kids the value of water, how it keeps them healthy, and how we can all work together to save water and help our … Read More »

National Drinking Water Week

It’s National Drinking Water Week and we at Central Arkansas Water, along with our customers and our community, have a good reason to celebrate: our tap water taste and quality is exceptional! There is nothing better than enjoying a cold glass of water on a hot summer day to keep us … Read More »