Bringle Creek Parking Access Improvement Project

Much of the land owned by Central Arkansas Water (CAW) in the Maumelle Watershed is enrolled in the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) program in partnership with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (AGFC).  By participating in the WMA program, CAW is able to provide recreation and hunting opportunities on watershed lands that allow the public to enjoy and steward the resources that provide our high quality drinking water.

To facilitate public use of this resource, CAW maintains a number of access areas in the Lake Maumelle Watershed.  An unimproved access area created by hunters is located along Highway 10 near Bringle Creek.  In effort to continue to strive for excellence in the watershed, CAW is undertaking a watershed improvement project to reduce sediment runoff from the site and improve public safety.

Currently the Bringle Creek access area is a large expanse of exposed dirt with a steep entrance off of Highway 10.  During rain events, this area could contribute large amounts of sediment to Bringle Creek and Lake Maumelle which can harm lake water quality.  The entrance to the site may also pose a safety hazard for users of the access area and drivers on Highway 10.


Central Arkansas Water_September 2012


To address these concerns, CAW is partnering with AGFC to level and pave the parking area and improve the entrance to the site.  By grading the site and eliminating the exposed dirt, the project will reduce the potential for sediment to enter Lake Maumelle.  In addition, the improved entrance will improve safety of the site.


Central Arkansas Water_September 2012


All required permits have been received for the work and a stormwater / erosion control guide has been developed and reviewed with the contractor.  Central Arkansas Water, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and the contractor are committed to installing and maintaining high quality sediment and erosion control practices on the site.

Work is expected to begin the week of September 17 and to be completed within 1 – 2 months, weather permitting. For any questions regarding the project, please contact John Tynan, Watershed Protection Manager, at 501-377-1268 or at  You may also visit our Watershed Management page.