Selective timber thinning scheduled to commence within the Lake Maumelle Watershed

LITTLE ROCK — Central Arkansas Water (CAW) will be conducting selective timber thinning in the Lunsfords Corner area at the north shore of Lake Maumelle. Thinning will commence on the east side of Arkansas Highway 300. As the thinning could present a safety concern for hikers on the Ouachita National Hiking Trail that runs through that area, parking and affected portions of the trail will be closed from mid-summer until November. Thinning will take place as weather permits.

Selective timber thinning cuts down on the amount of woody debris on the forest floor and opens the canopy to allow sunlight to hit the ground, which promotes a healthier watershed and forest. Thinning also promotes the growth of native grasses, which are an excellent tool for filtering runoff into the water supply.

This will be the utility’s first timber thinning since the lake was completed. Prescribed burns and timber thinning were recommended in the Lake Maumelle Watershed Management Plan to maintain a healthier watershed.

For more information, customers may contact Stephanie Hymel, Stewardship Coordinator, at 501.377.1331.