High Water Demand Causes Discoloration at Tap for some CAW Customers

LITTLE ROCK — Consecutive days of dry, hot weather are contributing to increased water production and high demand on the utility’s infrastructure.  Although we are fortunate to have an abundant water supply in the metropolitan area, customers are encouraged to be good stewards of our water sources by practicing efficient outdoor water use.  Customers are asked to alter timing of outdoor watering patterns to Avoid the Peak time of day demand during the hot summer months and to avoid operating sprinkler systems between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Due to higher than average demand for water distribution, some customers in various parts of the Central Arkansas Water service area are seeing slightly discolored water at the tap, due to an increased amount of water flowing through water mains. The higher velocity occasionally will cause the scouring of manganese on the lining of the mains and can result in discolored water from the tap. The discolored water should subside as the tap runs and it is SAFE for consumption.

Customers with questions may contact Central Arkansas Water at (501) 377.1239.

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