Helping You Be Water Wise

Wise water use and leak repairs can yield savings on your water and sewer bills. Be a wise user of the water supply. Making just a few small changes to your daily routine can save water, money, preserve water supplies for future generations, and delay construction of costly treatment plants and infrastructure.

This week we’re helping you focus your “Water Wise” efforts on your lawn and garden.  With warmer weather approaching and Spring being the optimum time to get your lawn and garden in perfect condition, how can you use your water wisely outdoors?  Here are a few tips and ways Central Arkansas Water is here to help!

Tip #1   Create Your Own Outdoor Water Saving Kit!

Your kit should include a rain gauge, a hose repair kit to fix leaks, and an adjustable spray nozzle for your hose.

Tip #2   Hose Watering Timers

If you use a hose-end sprinkler to water your lawn and garden, a timer is a great way to prevent overwatering.  Timers are available at most home improvement stores near you.  If you do not have a watering timer, a kitchen timer or timer on your phone will do the trick!  Turn it on when you begin watering and it will serve as a handy reminder for when to stop. Lawns can only absorb water so fast. It’s better to water your lawn for three, 10-minute sessions (with each session 30 minutes apart) than it is to water steadily for 30 minutes and cause runoff into gutters.

Tip #3   Rain Gauges

Your lawn needs only about one inch of water each week, including rainfall, to stay green and healthy.

Tip #4   Rain Sensors

Ensure your irrigation or sprinkler system includes a rain sensor.  Rain sensors turn off your automatic irrigation system when it is raining, so you don’t water your lawn when nature is doing it for you.  They are easy to install and adjust, and will fit all irrigation controllers.  Rain sensors are available at most home improvement stores near you.

Tip #5   Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are cultivated areas created to harvest rain.  Through a landscaped depression that collects runoff from a roof, driveway, or yard.  The garden’s falt bottom helps distribute rain water evenly across the planted area, allowing the water to slowly soak into the ground within 48 hours after the rain stops.  Rain gardens benefit us by filtering runoff pollution, recharging groundwater, conserving water, reducing flooding and drainage problems in yards and communities, creating habitats for birds and butterflies and increasing garden enjoyment. To learn how to plant a rain garden visit University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture – Research and Extension Service to view “Rain Gardens… Capture the Flow and Watch it Grow!”.

Tip #6   Hose Repair and Maintenance

Check your hose connections often for leaks. Leaks outside the house may not seem as bad because they are not as visible; but, they can be just as wasteful as leaks inside.  Hose Repair Kits can be purchased at most home improvements stores near you.

Tip #7   Be “Sprinkler Smart”

To further assist you in your water conservation efforts, Central Arkansas Water has partnered with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Pulaski County, in an effort to lower peak day demand on water structures and to lessen the daily use of water.  The Sprinkler Smart Program will help you find tips to save money by reducing outdoor water consumption.  To learn more about this program, visit or!