Experience the Natural Species Around Lake Maumelle

We are entering one of my favorite times of year, spring bloom.

The Canada Geese are building a nest on the breakwater and usually hatch out 4-5 little ones. The Kill Deer birds will be building nest in the gravel and feigning a hurt wing when anyone comes too close. Ducks will be hatching if the weather keeps up this warm. The tulip trees have bloomed as well as the daffodils.

One flower that I really enjoy is the Bird’s-Foot Violet. It grown on sunny, shallow rocky slopes with little ground cover and in areas with good drainage.. It is an early bloomer and does not last too long, then is gone for another year. There are several varieties even some solid white, but the two tone ones are special. They will be a lot of places, but especially common along Pinnacle Valley Road around the entrance to the Visitor’s Center and along the road toward the intersection with Highway 300. The largest that I have seen are along Lake Vista Road.

Look along the ditches, in the sunny rocky embankments in the next few weeks.


–Dennis Yarbro, Supervisor of Water Sources – Lake Maumelle